Representation in court

Representation in court

Representation in court

How to Hire An Experienced Lawyer to Represent You in Ukraine? 

Do you have a legal problem and you do not know how to solve it? Something went wrong and it needs to be corrected in court? How to find a lawyer in Ukraine? Those are the questions that some people may have at a certain point of life. So you need a legal consultation and assistance?

Different life situations call for litigation in court: for example divorce problems, alimony disputes, accidents, inheritance disputes, debt collection and many others. If you are a foreigner and the case is brought to a court of Ukraine, then you definitely need a lawyer in Ukraine to represent your interests. You need an English-speaking experienced lawyer who knows Ukrainian laws and norms. Are you looking for an experienced lawyer in Ukraine?

Even though a foreigner has the right to ask the Ukrainian court to appoint an interpreter, it can significantly delay the lawsuit. Moreover, even if you hire an interpreter it is not advisable to represent yourself in the court in the foreign country. Look for a Ukrainian lawyer with experience to handle different case from the administrative hearing up through trial. Only a trusted and experienced lawyer can advise you and help you handle matters like divorce, alimony, missing person, inheritance, custody, and residence or asylum in Ukraine.

Legislation and court procedures in every country are different and quite complicated. Court filings and papers can have many nuances and particularities. It is a reasonable decision to hire an experienced Ukrainian lawyer to represent your interests in Ukraine.

Who should you hire to represent your interests in court?

Each person has the right to legal assistance during the court hearings. Ukrainian court proceedings are inquisitorial and adversarial. The courts consider disputes based on lawsuits filed by claimants, within the scope of the remedies sought and based on evidence provided by participants to the proceedings. Litigants, whether individuals or legal entities, can present the case in court proceedings or engage a representative to act on their behalf. Only attorneys admitted to the Ukrainian Bar can practice law before the courts and represent parties in court proceedings.

Before you select and hire a lawyer or representative, you should look at the credentials and success rate. Any graduate of a law school has the right to become a lawyer. To represent interests in the courts of Ukraine such graduates do not need a special license and experience. The court is not obliged to require them to have work experience or any confirmation of their qualifications.

Foreign lawyers must be admitted to the Ukrainian Bar to conduct cases in the Ukrainian courts. To be admitted to the Ukrainian Bar, a foreign lawyer must be certified to practiсe law before the courts of his/her country. It is recommended hiring an experienced and reliable lawyer with a special court license. To obtain this license, a lawyer must have a minimum of 2 years of legal experience and pass a complex lawyer's exam and internship. Therefore, ask about the credentials and hire lawyers with an official license.

How are the court proceedings in Ukraine usually going?

Court hearings are held in public so that any person can attend a hearing. On the application of a party, the court can arrange for proceedings to be kept confidential in full or in part based on a risk of disclosure of confidential or other privileged information, or the need to protect an individual's private life. Therefore, the parties can use pre-trial dispute settlement procedures based on an agreement or a legal right to do so.

Litigation starts by filing a statement of claim with a first instance court. A single judge is appointed to consider how to proceed with the claim. The judge must order the commencement of proceedings within five days after receipt of the statement of claim, unless there are some exceptions.

The court will serve a court order on participants to the proceedings, notifying them of the causes of action, details of the preliminary hearing or first hearing on the merits, and timeline for submitting the defense. The defendant is not obliged to file a defense. If the defendant does file a defense, it must forward a copy of it to the claimant.

The stages of the court hearing include:

As you can see, the representation of the interests of the party in court hearings in Ukraine requires expertise and knowledge. Hiring an experienced lawyer can help you win your case and solve the problem.

An experienced and reliable lawyer in Ukraine Artem Yemets helped hundreds of foreigners in Ukraine by representing their interests in court. His success rate is very high and he can represent your case in any courts in Ukraine.

He can advice you how to resolve the following cases:

If you need a representation in courts in Ukraine, contact Artem Yemets for a free initial consultation.

If you have any questions, write to us and the lawyer will answer them!

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