Family cases

Family cases

Family cases

What Family Lawyer in Ukraine Can Do if you are a Foreigner married a Ukrainian?
Divorce is the most unpleasant thing especially if the spouses are citizens of different countries. For example, family law of Ukraine consists of 7 sections, 22 chapters and 287 articles.

Family lawyer handle legal issues including divorce, child custody, and guardianship among others. Family lawyers can act as mediators when family disagreements develop. They can represent clients in courts in Ukraine. Divorce and family law matters involve issues that impact your finances, property and family dynamics in the short-term and for years into the future. Every country has its own set of laws, norms and rules, so if you are a foreigner you need a experienced family lawyer to represent your interests. If one of the spouse is Ukrainian and the other is a foreigner than their family matters are regulated by Family law of Ukraine and other international norms, treaties, and laws.

Most people hire a divorce lawyer in Ukraine who can act as a mediator and representative. He can approach the issue rationally and within the law. In other words, a competent family law attorney can assist couples in the process of divorcing to settle the matter fairly without necessarily going to court. Getting family law done right the first time is critical to your life.

 Hire Family Lawyer in Ukraine to Regulate the Disputes between a Foreigner and a citizen of Ukraine.    
Family Lawyer or Family Law Attorney will help you to deal with the matters arising from family matters including but not limited to the following:

Family lawyer in Ukraine can help you to deal with the following matters:

Divorce is a complicated procedure and that’s why you need the assistance of experienced family lawyer in Ukraine. Only professionals can offer you reliable information and high-quality service and representation. They usually offer a free consultation to render a brief analysis of the situation and then after the analysis they give you the plan of actions. 

If you are a foreigner married to a Ukrainian and you need a legal consultation or advice on divorce or other family matters, contact Artem Yemets. He is an experienced family lawyer in Ukraine who helped many people to navigate the complications of divorce.

If you have any questions, write to us and the lawyer will answer them!

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