Immigration cases

Immigration cases

Immigration cases

In every country there are so-called immigration lawyers getting practice. Ukraine is no exception. Conventionally, such specialists can be divided into two types. The first one helps people to go outside Ukraine to other countries. For example, there are lawyers in Ukraine who advise and help to file documents for immigration to the United States or to the European Union countries.

Second type of immigration lawyers in Ukraine provides their services for foreigners who intend to stay in Ukraine or get a temporary or permanent residence. Yemets Artem Yuryevich belongs to the second type of immigration lawyers and.

If you are a foreigner and in Ukraine for certain period of time, open a business, get a visa or a permanent or a temporary residence permit, then you need the services of an immigration lawyer.

Legal assistance immigration lawyers in Ukraine.

Types of services provided by Yemets Artem, an immigration lawyer:

Why do you need an migration lawyer?

Only a law specialist how to fill out the documents that should be submitted in order to perform this or that legal action.

Even if the documents are drawn up correctly, and the situation looks quite obvious, the presence of a migration lawyer will force the official to treat your case more carefully. After all, the lawyer knows where to complain and how to sue, which automatically forces the official to act solely within the law.

If you do not know the Ukrainian language, a migration lawyer is doubly necessary for you, because most of the forms and applications are filled out in the Ukrainian language. In addition, most officials do not speak English, which can create many problems. Immigration lawyer Yemets Artem speaks English at a sufficient level, which will greatly help to resolve a client's difficult issue.

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