Divorce in Ukraine

Divorce Lawyer in Ukraine

Divorce Lawyer in Ukraine

Even though everybody dreams about true love and long marriage, divorce is a part of life. Statistic shows that over the past few years, Ukraine's divorce rate has risen to the top among European countries.

If you married a Ukrainian woman or man, but your marriage did not work and you want a divorce, there are several reasons why you should file for divorce in Ukraine.

Why to file for divorce in Ukraine?

  1. It’s cheap. Compared to Europe, USA, Canada and other countries, filing for divorce in Ukraine is not expensive.
  2. It is simple. Compared to other countries, the divorce in Ukraine is not complicated because child custody dispute, asset division, child support claims are separated from the divorce process;
  3. It’s fast. Divorce proceedings in Ukraine are fast compared to other European countries, the United States, Canada. On average, divorce in Ukraine can take about six months. The time may vary depending on the court, time of the year and other factors.
  4. It takes less documents and paperwork. Ukrainian legislation gives the lawyer the right to represent the interests of a foreigner in all courts.
  5. A divorce lawyer can represent your interests and you do not need to appear in court.

How to divorce a spouse in Ukraine if you are a foreigner?

You can file for divorce in Ukraine if one of the spouses has citizenship or registration in Ukraine. For example, if your wife is a citizen of Ukraine and has registration in Ukraine, a foreigner has the right to file for divorce in a court of Ukraine.

When you file for divorce in Ukraine, it does not matter where the marriage registration took place. It does not matter if your marriage was registered in Ukraine or in a foreign country. Ukraine has legal treaties with most European countries, USA and Canada so the resolutions of the Ukrainian court are recognized internationally.

Important! A marriage between a foreigner and a citizen of Ukraine can be terminated only in court.

In order to dissolve a marriage in court, it is necessary to file a claim according the requirements of Ukrainian legislation. If you are a foreigner and Ukrainian laws are too complicated, you need to hire a divorce lawyer in Ukraine.

What documents are required for divorce in Ukraine?

Copies of the originals and certified translations of the following documents are required to file for divorce in in Ukraine:

A lawyer in Ukraine can help you to find a trusted certified professional to translate the documents into Ukrainian.

If a birth certificate or marriage certificate was issued in foreign countries, the documents must be apostilled according to the Hague Convention of October 5, 1961. If the country that issued the documents is not a party to the Convention, then you need to legalize the documents. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs or the Ministry of Justice do the legalization of the documents.

Attention! I recommend translating your documents in Ukraine because a Ukrainian notary certifies the translations. In addition, translation services in Ukraine are much cheaper.

Some Aspects of the Divorce Procedure in Ukraine.

When filing a divorce suit, a standard court fee is charged in the amount established by the Law of Ukraine “On Court Fees”. The original receipt of payment of the court fee must be attached to the claim.

When you hire me as your lawyer, I include the court fee in the cost of my services as a divorce lawyer in Ukraine.

The filing for divorce must indicate the following facts:

Once the application and documents are put together, the file for divorce must be taken to Ukrainian court. The claim can be also sent by certified mail. In three days after receipt of the claim in court, the judge will open the proceedings and set a date for the court hearing. Both parties must be notified about the date of the hearing by subpoena. At the court hearing after reviewing the papers, the judge makes a decision. The date of the decision is the date of the divorce. According to the Ukrainian legislation the decision on divorce comes into force in 30 days from the moment of its resolution.

Important! I am a divorce lawyer Artem Yemets, and I can represent your interests and file for divorce on your behalf in any court in Ukraine. There are no geographical limitations. I will represent your interests and file for divorce in the city, town or village of Ukraine where your spouse is registered or where the marriage took place.

Important! The Family Code of Ukraine prohibits the divorce if a married couple has a child under 1 year. Divorce in Ukraine with a foreigner is no an exception.

The services of a divorce lawyer in Ukraine include:

If you still have questions about the divorce in Ukraine, please contact an experienced divorce lawyer Artem Yemets for a consultation. I can represent your interests and file for divorce in any court of Ukraine. My legal services are affordable. I have a high success rate and many satisfied clients. Call or write me and I will respond ASAP.

If you have any questions, write to us and the lawyer will answer them!

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